Villa San Juan Capistrano Wedding Photography - Sweet and Saucy

We recently attended the ABC OC event at the Villa San Juan Capistrano to network with the area's biggest wedding professionals. We had a great time, and it was wonderful to be surrounded by amazing talent who strive to do nothing but the best! Brides checking out venues should definitely consider The Villa if they want a quaint and intimate venue with an outdoor reception and great potential for some artistic Villa San Juan Capistrano wedding photography. The space was really is perfect for a outdoor ceremony and reception. What was really neat about the venue was that it was about 60 degrees that evening but because of the strategically placed outdoor heaters, the whole area was warm- no sweaters necessary! The venue has the feel of a spanish house, and because of the tall walls covered with lush green ivy you have that sense of intimacy with organic and rustic flair. My favorite part of the evening was that Sweet and Saucy were there with a plethora of desserts. Check out our photos below.

Awesome desserts provided by Sweet and Saucy

Villa San Juan Capistrano Sweet and Saucy Sweet and Saucy Sweet and Saucy Sweet and Saucy Sweet and Saucy

Table designs by GBS Linens, Signature Rentals, Floral Occasions and Whitney Rose FloralFloral Occasions and Whitney Rose Floras GBS Linens

We enjoyed some fabulous cocktails from Pharmacie - Mixologists specializing in Sour and Aromatic Cocktails.Pharmacie

We met Leora from Copper Willow Paper Studio. Copper Willow Paper Studio

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A sailor and his mate | Balboa Park Engagement Session in San Diego

Happy Veteran's Day everyone! Jessica and I want to thank everyone who has served or is currently serving in the name of our country. Freedom is not free and we don't take that for granted. 
We also thought it would be cool to show of engagement photos from last weekend of our friend Pete, who is currently serving the Navy. We had the honor of photographing Pete and his fiance, Erika, in Balboa Park, San Diego. We definitely had a great time!
   Pete even brought his Dress Blues suit! We hope you guys like these photos!

Balboa Park Engagement San Diego Wedding Photography_3.jpg

Balboa Park Engagement San Diego Wedding Photography_1.jpg

Balboa Park Engagement San Diego Wedding Photography_2.jpg

Balboa Park Engagement San Diego Wedding Photography_4.jpg

Balboa Park Engagement San Diego Wedding Photography_5bw.jpg

Balboa Park Engagement San Diego Wedding Photography_6.jpg

Balboa Park Engagement San Diego Wedding Photography_7.jpg

Balboa Park Engagement San Diego Wedding Photography_8.jpg

Balboa Park Engagement San Diego Wedding Photography_9.jpg

Balboa Park Engagement San Diego Wedding Photography_9a.jpg

Balboa Park Engagement San Diego Wedding Photography_10.jpg

Balboa Park Engagement San Diego Wedding Photography_11.jpg

Balboa Park Engagement San Diego Wedding Photography_12.jpg

Balboa Park Engagement San DiegoWedding Photography_13.jpg

Balboa Park Engagement San Diego Wedding Photography_14.jpg

Balboa Park Engagement San Diego Wedding Photography_15.jpg

Balboa Park Engagement San Diego Wedding Photography_16.jpg

Balboa Park Engagement San Diego Wedding Photography_17.jpg

Pitcher Park Wedding Photography | Details

A couple of weekends ago, Robert and I both had the day off. So, we decided to take a walk to Pitcher Park. Pitcher Park is a quaint little park near "The Circle" in Orange. 

We have walked to this park dozens of times, but this time it was different.  As we approached the park, we noticed that a sweet and intimate ceremony site had been setup. There was a simple white aisle runner, with twelve white wedding chairs on each side, and two adorable topiary trees to mark the altar.  I simply couldn't resist capturing a few photos.
As we were getting ready to leave, the details put together at the guest book table under the gazebo caught our eye.  
Below are some of the adorable details of this beautiful and intimate wedding.  
Pitcher Park Orange Wedding Photography-1.jpg
That old fashion tape player was the perfect centerpiece for this welcome table.

Pitcher Park Orange Wedding Photography-2.jpg

This is one of my favorite Bible passages. We included it in our own wedding.

Pitcher Park Orange Wedding Photography-3.jpg
Aren't these little Orange shaped candies adorable? What a great touch for an Old Towne Orange wedding!

Pitcher Park Orange Wedding Photography-4.jpg
I love this guestbook!!!  The bride collected Vintage Postcards from Orange and Orange County. She used these postcards as her wedding invitations, and then she asked the guest to bring them to the wedding to incorporate them into her guestbook along with their special message to the couple.  Such amazing creativity :)

Pitcher Park Orange Wedding Photography-5.jpg
Topiary trees were an element that I really wanted to incorporate into our wedding, but it didn't quite fit. They worked beautifully here.
Pitcher Park Orange Wedding Photography-7.jpg
What a precious and intimate ceremony site, beautifully lit by the golden afternoon of the July sun.
Pitcher Park Orange Wedding Photography-6.jpg

Pitcher Park Orange Wedding Photography-8.jpg
Pitcher Park is located at:
204 South Cambridge St.
Orange, CA 92866

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Long Beach Ebell Club | Wedding Session with PhotogShootout


Quick mention: we're fighting for the #1 spot and we're sooo close... #2! Please take the time to check out the finalists. But we would appreciate it if you take a couple seconds and vote for Jessica Elizabeth Photography: CA's 2010

This past Wednesday, the group dubbed PhotogShootout, led by Garrett Davis and Hanssie Trainor, put together a Wedding session at the Long Beach Ebell Club. Periodically, we will attend these events to socialize with new and veteran photographers as well as experiment with techniques. Really, it's our chance have fun with photography. 

Jessica and I have been really busy lately, but when we heard that the shoot was hosted at the Ebell Club, we had to clear our schedule because we've heard some great things about the venue. Even though it was only for a couple of hours, we were glad to have participated for some of it.

Check out some of the images from the shoot. Thanks Garrett and Hanssie for letting us tag along for some of it!
A tribute to fashion photographers: Markus and Indrani. It doesn't really do them justice, and unlike them, this shot was all natural light

Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club by Jessica Elizabeth Photography

The bride's eyes in this photograph has a wonderful fierceness to them. She exudes confidence and I think that is what's so beautiful and seductive about her. 
Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club by Jessica Elizabeth Photography

An allusion to what's to come. 
Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-2.jpg

This shot was Jessica's idea. As the group walked around she said, "Make sure you get the window in the shot." None of us understood at first, but as I began to frame the image... well, see below. Very interesting composition in my opinion. 
Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-3.jpg

Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-6.jpg

Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-7.jpg

Just because it isn't a beach setting or some surreal, endless, landscape, doesn't mean that it can't be compelling, cinematic, just awesome!
Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-8.jpg

Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-9.jpg

When editing this one, I was inspired to make a movie poster. Latin Romance... anyone? 
Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-4.jpg

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Vibiana | Los Angeles | Wedding Photography

This Tuesday, Kerry of de Luxe Weddings & Events and I had the privilege to attend a venue tour of a property in Los Angeles, CA. And let me tell you- I fell in love!

I absolutely love old buildings, ones with lots of character and history: this former Archdiocese Cathedral was built in 1876, complete with Baroque inspired interiors. Check!

This venue was designed using a neutral color palette, so that all the colors and elements chosen in your design and decor will truly pop. A style and desinger's ultimate playground. Check!

Vibiana's choir loft is a photographer's dream because it allows us to capture those bird's eye view, scene setting photographs without having to climb up a tree or into another hotel guest's balcony. (Although Rob will do those things for the shot though- If that's what it takes.) Check!

Vibiana's carefully placed lighting fixtures throughout the Main Hall and the garden area makes adding up lighting or colored lighting a breeze for your DJ or event design team. Check!

As an added bonus, Vibiana provides a bridal lounge and a groom's lounge for the bride and groom to get ready along with their bridal party. Yes, the groom's lounge has a flat screen TV. The on premises day of accomodations are a huge plus because everyone can spend the day together and get ready all in one place instead of rushing around town. This is also a treat for us because we can easily move from room to room capturing photos of all the getting ready activities.

If you decide to do a First Look, we have a few romantic spots in mind already :) There are also several modern and also historic buildings located within walking distance if you would like to do a mini bridal shoot before the ceremony.

This is truly a hidden gem in downtown Los Angeles. I purposely chose to include just a few photos because although Vibiana photographs beautifully, an in person visit will truly allow you to experience all of its granduer.


If you are still searching for an amazing venue, take an afternoon and go check it out. And as they say at Vibiana: "Experience the Divine."

I owe a big thank you to Anika for giving Kerry and I a first class tour of Vibiana!

Vibiana is located at: 411 South Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90012  Phone: (213) 626-1507



Check out the layers of century old marble that adorn the Grand Stage at Vibiana.

These Baroque columns stand 45 feet tall and contain some of the original painting and artwork dating back to the 1800s.

Standing at the center of the Main Hall of the former Cathedral is quite awe inspiring!


This is one of the rooms available as part of the Bridal Lounge. Sweet!
Once you are finished getting ready in your Bridal Lounge, we'd love to take some gorgeous Bridal Portraits here.  Love the light streaming in through the windows!

Check out this beautiful garden area that can be used for your cocktail hour or an outdoor reception.  At night it will be lit by the lovely LA Skyline.

The Flower Fields | Wedding Photography | Carlsbad, CA

I don't know about you, but I am so excited that the weekend is finally here!  And this is not just any weekend, but it's Mother's Day weekend.  So... I thought I would give you an idea for some fun. 

Robert and I recently visited The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA, and I have got to say it was such a nice break.  The fields span 50 acres of color filled beauty.  How could you go wrong?

The Flower Fields would make a fabulous place to take your mom for a little Mother's Day treat.  Oh, and the Carlsbad Premium Outlets are right next door, if you want to finish off your afternoon with some shopping :)

If you are looking for a sweet and romantic place to take your significant other definitely check out The Flower Fields.  This is actually the last weekend of the 2010 season. 

To all of our brides and grooms, take a break from all the wedding planning this weekend and head back to nature! 

To all the moms who read our blog: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!  

Jessica Elizabeth Photography Carlsbad Flower Fields-6.jpg

Jessica Elizabeth Photography Carlsbad Flower Fields-1.jpgYou can actually take Wagon Rides! ($5.00 for adults, $3.00 for children)
Jessica Elizabeth Photography Carlsbad Flower Fields-2.jpgLoving these soft, warm colors of Ranunculus Flowers.
Jessica Elizabeth Photography Carlsbad Flower Fields-5.jpgJessica Elizabeth Photography Carlsbad Flower Fields-7.jpg
Such darling bell-shaped blossoms on these Pink Foxgloves.

Jessica Elizabeth Photography Carlsbad Flower Fields-9.jpgJessica Elizabeth Photography Carlsbad Flower Fields-8.jpg
My favorite Tulips are the ones with the Fringed edges.

Jessica Elizabeth Photography Carlsbad Flower Fields-3.jpg

A breathtaking View!

Here's the pricing for The Flowers Fields, if you are interested:

$10.00 for Adults, $9.00 for Seniors 60+, $5.00 for Children 3 - 10, Children 2 and under free

Hours: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Address: 5704 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad, CA 92008

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Ponte Winery | Temecula Wedding Photography

Fall Wedding Inspiration: A Rustic Romance in the Vines

For those of you who may not know, Robert and I were married at the lovely Ponte Winery in November 2008. 

We always enjoy visiting Ponte Winery.  Whenever we need a break from all the chaos that is life in the OC and LA, Ponte is a great place to head, to get back to nature and just relax.

Recently, Kerry Pulverman of de Luxe Weddings & Events invited us to participate in a photo shoot with her.  Below are the photos from the tablescape Robert and I  like to call: A Rustic Romance in the Vines.

I figure many of our Fall brides are currently working on their themes and floral design, so I thought this might give you some inspiration to draw from.  Of course, when your wedding rolls around you will have the gorgeous Autumn leaves of red, orange, yellow, and green.  Rob and I just adored the look of the vineyard for our November wedding.  There is really nothing like it.

We would like to give a special thanks to Kelly Manson of  The Olive Rose for her beautiful Fall inspired floral design and kind collaboration.  

To learn more about the design behind the shoot, check out Kerry's Blog.

I can just imagine a romantic guy proposing to a super lucky girl, while we hide behind the Fall leaves hanging from the vines and sneak in a few photographs of the Engagement.

How much more romantic can it get being all alone out among the vines and the beautiful surrounding landscape?
To create a Fall feel, Kerry chose chocolate brown and silver linens.  Kelly chose to complement that with florals of orange and red tones, with hints of yellow and green.

Ponte Winery Wedding Photography 12.jpgPonte Winery Wedding Photography 13.jpg
Fresh flowers such as Cymbidium Orchids make a nice adornment to your napkins and charger plates.
Ponte Winery Wedding Photography 11.jpg

Ponte Winery Wedding Photography 7.jpg

Ponte_Winery_Jessica_Elizabeth_Photography_CLose_Up _Vineyard_Table.jpg
Below are a couple of Robert's Artistic edits.  We love to create custom edits to transform those photos into more dramatic pieces.
Check out the drama on the sky and the table here:
Ponte Winery Wedding Photography 9.jpg
I love Rob's interpretation of this photo.  The Rustic tones of this photo truly complement the theme of this tablescape.
Ponte Winery Wedding Photography 8.jpg
Happy Planning!  Design away :)
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Avia Hotel | Wedding Photography

This past Monday, I had the pleasure of visiting the Avia Hotel in Long Beach, CA, with Kerry Pulverman of de Luxe Weddings & Events



meeting and events manager, Melissa Selmanson gave us a lovely tour of the property.  If you are looking for an ultra modern venue with fabulous decor and a stunning view this is the place to be!



has a variety of private event spaces ranging from intimate spaces for a plated reception dinner for 60 to the spacious Rooftop Pool Terrace for about 100.  I love the laid back lounge vibe of the Rooftop Pool Terrace.

I truly enjoyed not only the creative decor throughout the hotel, but also the atmosphere both inside and out.  The


is located adjacent to the Long Beach Pike so there is no shortage of dining and entertainment opportunities for all of your out of town guests.  The Avia can arrange a room block so your guests can enjoy the entire weekend with you.




Rooftop Pool Terrace


These awesome shades make me feel like I'm on a sailboat :)


These Cabanas are HOT!


There are eco friendly plants throughout the rooftop terrace.


The Avia's Courtyard is another great space for a reception.  The different shapes and colors of furniture is a nice fun touch.


I can totally picture some sweet Bridal Portraits on this couch.


Notice the rainbow prism effect in the mirrors on the right side? Pretty Neat!


The Avia's Buffet style Kitchen is perfect for a morning after Brunch.


Kerry took this photo of me photographing the Courtyard. LOL.


Check out Rob's artistic edits of the views from Avia. What a transformation. 

The Avia

is located at:

285 Bay Street

Long Beach, CA 90802-8161


Give Melissa a call to book your event today! We can't wait to be there to document all the fun :)

Contact Jessica Elizabeth:

Ponte Winery | Wedding Photography Temecula CA

We are so excited to share these photos with all of you :)  As many of you may know, Robert and I were married at the Ponte Estate Winery just a little over a year ago, so it holds a special place in our hearts.

Kerry Pulverman of de Luxe Weddings & Events invited us to do a photo shoot for her company and the floral designs of The Olive Rose.  We had a blast.  
We did a total of four tablescapes, but I thought it would be more fun to break the posts up.  So, here is a tablescape that I like to call "Vintage Chic."
I enjoy the contrasts in color, a soft blue with a rich chocolate- so delicious :)  
Fusion graciously provided all the linens for our shoot. I LOVE this particular linen.  It caught my eye right away the first time I stepped foot in Fusion.   The color is subtle yet stunning. The crystals add a very nice touch that speak fancy without overdoing it. 
Kelly Manson from The Olive Rose was so great to work with.  She is sweet, creative, and flexible- a great combination.
I never thought I would like Peacock Feathers in an arrangement, but now I am seriously a fan.
I love detail shots (if you haven't already noticed)!  Details are an amazing way to bring extension of your persona into your wedding.  Check out this great vintage hurricane:
I am completely in love with this place setting. I just had to purchase this bowl, plate, and charger as soon as I saw them at the very dangerous TJ Maxx Homegoods!  Kerry Pulverman gets me in trouble almost every time she takes me there :)
Kerry found this beautiful brooch.  And Kelly dressed it up with her lovely Amnesia rose petals.
The peacock blue is definitely a hot color this year.  Totally eye catching for sure!

I really enjoyed how Kelly was able to design arrangements that were vintage and soft, yet modern at the same time- just my style!
Now.... it's Thursday... so you know what that means....
Here is a tip for all of you who have not yet chosen your wedding venue.
Do you want to be one of the first to be married in a fabulous Vineyard Pavilion in Wine Country that is not even built yet?  Well here is your chance.
The new event space is set to open at Ponte Winery this May, and we can't wait to be there to photograph the weddings it will host.
Ponte Winery has kindly shared with us a rendering of their gorgeous Vineyard Pavilion. Here is your sneak peak:
Ponte Pavillion.jpg
Awesome! Right?

Here is the direct link to Weddings at Ponte Winery, if you would like to learn more.
Ponte Winery is located at:
35053 Rancho California Road
Temecula, CA 92591
(951) 694-9444

Seven 4 One Hotel | Wedding Photography| Laguna Beach



What you ask, is planning tip Thursdays?  Well, considering that we are Photographers, not coordinators, ours tips are going to focus on all things PHOTOGENIC!  
Each week we will feature something that we think will add beauty or art to your wedding.  We may feature a venue, a vendor, or a piece of your wedding wardrobe :)
So, why Thursdays?  Well, we figured most of our clients are hard working individuals with Monday- Friday 9a-5p jobs.  By Thursday at lunch or night, you are probably surfing the net in need of some hard earned relaxation to gear up for Friday.  And- by posting on Thursday- you still have time to schedule appointments for the weekend with any of our featured vendors- giving you something extra special to look forward to on the weekend.
Stay tuned, this is gonna be fun!
Now on to this Thursday's featured Venue....
I recently visited the Seven 4 One Hotel in Laguna Beach with wedding coordinator, Kerry Pulverman from de Luxe Weddings & Events.  Any of our 2010 and 2011 brides interested in getting married in Laguna Beach, but can't break the bank on other hotels like the Surf and Sand  or the Montage, or if you just want a little something different, you should check out Seven 4 One
Seven 4 One is a unique boutique hotel with an amazingly modern vibe.  Some of the perks of this hotel, from a photography perspective are: 
1) You can rent out the entire 28 room hotel- so we won't have to worry about lookey loos or tourists getting in all the shots!
2) The guest rooms are super fun to shoot in! Perfect for shooting all the getting ready shots. The modern design and really cool couches and pillow make a nice backdrop.
3) You can project a slideshow onto the wall of the open air courtyard.  Perfect for playing your customized JEP slideshow at your rehearsal dinner or reception.  And there's plenty of comfy seats for viewing.
And another random, but interesting feature of the hotel: There is a bed on the outside deck.  You can literally lay outside and listen to the waves crash or star gaze with your new spouse.
I'm posting a few teaser photos from our brief visit below.  You should really check it out in person to capture the intimate experience this hotel has to offer.
Here is a shot of the contemporary couch in the Sky Suite- perfect for some fun getting ready shots:
And here is the fabulous couch in the Sea Suite:
The Sky Suite and Sea Suite both come complete with a wet bar, wine refrigerator, and queen sized sofa bed.   These suites are perfect for the bridal party to spend the night and wake up refreshed and ready for the big day.  There is plenty of room for the girls and guys to get ready in their respective suite.  And of course, room for PHOTOS!
Once everyone is ready you can head on down to the Courtyard for the Rehearsal Dinner, Ceremony, or Reception:
I really enjoyed the unique details and modern decor throughout the hotel.
Check out these super fun lamps:

The bed on the deck...Unique for sure:
Seven 4 One is located at:
741 South Coast Hwy.
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 494-6200
So brides and grooms, what do you think?

Shade Hotel Wedding Photography: Ashleigh & Luke

This past Sunday Robert & I had the pleasure of photographing Ashleigh & Luke's wedding at the fabulous Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach.  Ashleigh & Luke were the first couple to officially hire us to shoot their wedding.   When I told Rob the good news, he said "are they on crack?"  But in all seriousness we were so honored that I think we may have even been more nervous about the wedding day than they were.  We wanted their photos to be amazing after all the faith they had put in us, so we teamed up with some local photographers and actually shot 7 weddings before Ashleigh and Luke's.  Check out the results:

Ashleigh's Winnie Couture gown hanging from above the Shade Hotel's second floor balcony...


The "First Look"...


Luke's Reaction...


Luke escorting Ashleigh's Mom down the aisle....


Ashleigh and her handsome Grandfather...


The ring exchange...


The Kiss...


Ashleigh & Luke ROLLINS!!!!


Some fun post ceremony pics...


After the ceremony we headed down to the Beach with the Bridal Party:
It's really rare to have bridal party members that don't dread being in the group photos, but as you can see this group was surprisingly different.  They were so full of awesomeness that they even had their own signature poses like:

The "Magical Jump"


and the "Heisman Trophy"


and this one- PMP!!!:



If you think getting 8-10 people in a group photo is difficult, try 90!!!!



Here's some fun details of their day-

Ashleigh's hot shoes:


And their beautiful rings on the awesome Shade Hotel Sink!
The cake...
A couple more photos of the Newlyweds...


Orange County Wedding Photographer-AL.png

I know this is a crazy long blog post, but I would like to also acknowledge all of the great work from the vendors who were a part of Ashleigh & Luke's day:


JoLise and her team at the Shade Hotel

Kerry at de Luxe Weddings & Events

Anne at Pocket Full of Petal

Epic Entertainment

Lido Bakery

San Juan Capistrano Wedding Venue: The Villa

This weekend Rob and I attended an open house for one of the OC's newest wedding venues: The Villa San Juan Capistrano.  For all you OC brides and grooms who dream of celebrating the sacrament of Marriage at the Mission San Juan Capistrano, then The Villa San Juan Capistrano is the place for you.  The Villa is literally across the street from the mission. 


The Villa which was built in 1920 has a rustic and very romantic feel.  It has many fun little locations for great wedding photo ops. We probably could have posted tons more photos, but here's a few to share. 

What are you waiting for? Check it out!


The floral design in the photos below were provided by the ever amazing and fabulous:  Square Root.


The lovely and delicious cupcakes were provided by: Frostings Cupcakes .