San Juan Capistrano Photography | Aaron & Teri's Valentine's Session

Cupid works his magic 365 days of the year. About 15 months ago, Cupid's arrow struck Aaron and Teri. They met while studying at CSU Fullerton and ever since then, their adoration for each other grow with each day. They're really cute - a month ago they decided to start a wine blog called, "The Vino Duo", where both of them write articles on the wines that they try together. When Aaron contacted us, he explained that he was so averse to taking photos that he and Teri didn't have any of each other. This photo session was to be a surprise for her this Valentine's Day. We met up with them this past weekend in beautiful San Juan Capistrano. If there was any sign of nervousness from either of them, it definitely wasn't apparent. Aaron and Teri, we hope you love the photos! Now we're wondering how you will top this one next year Aaron - a different kind of session perhaps...? 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Long Beach Ebell Club | Wedding Session with PhotogShootout


Quick mention: we're fighting for the #1 spot and we're sooo close... #2! Please take the time to check out the finalists. But we would appreciate it if you take a couple seconds and vote for Jessica Elizabeth Photography: CA's 2010

This past Wednesday, the group dubbed PhotogShootout, led by Garrett Davis and Hanssie Trainor, put together a Wedding session at the Long Beach Ebell Club. Periodically, we will attend these events to socialize with new and veteran photographers as well as experiment with techniques. Really, it's our chance have fun with photography. 

Jessica and I have been really busy lately, but when we heard that the shoot was hosted at the Ebell Club, we had to clear our schedule because we've heard some great things about the venue. Even though it was only for a couple of hours, we were glad to have participated for some of it.

Check out some of the images from the shoot. Thanks Garrett and Hanssie for letting us tag along for some of it!
A tribute to fashion photographers: Markus and Indrani. It doesn't really do them justice, and unlike them, this shot was all natural light

Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club by Jessica Elizabeth Photography

The bride's eyes in this photograph has a wonderful fierceness to them. She exudes confidence and I think that is what's so beautiful and seductive about her. 
Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club by Jessica Elizabeth Photography

An allusion to what's to come. 
Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-2.jpg

This shot was Jessica's idea. As the group walked around she said, "Make sure you get the window in the shot." None of us understood at first, but as I began to frame the image... well, see below. Very interesting composition in my opinion. 
Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-3.jpg

Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-6.jpg

Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-7.jpg

Just because it isn't a beach setting or some surreal, endless, landscape, doesn't mean that it can't be compelling, cinematic, just awesome!
Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-8.jpg

Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-9.jpg

When editing this one, I was inspired to make a movie poster. Latin Romance... anyone? 
Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-4.jpg

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