Live Music Orange County by Del Lago Trio

Wedding Planning | Live Music Many of our lovely Jessica Elizabeth couples are in the midst of planning their Summer 2015 weddings. So we thought we'd share a special offer from live music specialists- Del Lago Trio !

If you are looking for live music for your ceremony, cocktail hour or special event, check out the Del Lago Trio. They are offering $100 off for all summer weddings and events (based on availability).

This trio performs a variety of music from Bach to the Beatles, including jazz standards, tangos, music from movies and more!

Live Music Orange County Trio Jessica Elizabeth Photography Wedding-RWT_0529_-w

Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

How to Find "The" Dress | Trying on Gowns

Maggie Sottero Wedding Gown


Gown by: Maggie Sottero 

Purchased at: The Dresser Bridal Couture

When you're dress hunting, it's good to bring photos of the types of dresses you are looking for, so that your bridal stylist can get an idea of the look you are going for. But be open minded and don't be afraid to try dresses that are different. You might surprise yourself and find an amazing dress!

Bring shoes that are about the same height as the shoes you plan on wearing for your wedding day.  If you already have your wedding shoes, even better! Bring those.

If the gown doesn't fit you just right, make sure to get an estimate on the cost for alterations so that you can factor that into the total cost of the gown.

A few questions to ask yourself with each gown you try on:

1) Am I comfortable?  Most brides will only wear one gown on their wedding day. You need to be comfortable enough in it to get through photos, the ceremony, dinner, and dancing.  If the dress is too heavy it might be hard to stand, walk, or dance in while wearing heels. If the train is very long, get a quote on getting it bustled, so that you can dance in it throughout the night.

      If the dress is A-mazing, but you know you won't be able to dance and party in it all night, consider getting a simpler yet elegant gown or party dress to change into for your reception.


2) Do I look gorgeous? One of the most important things in selecting a wedding gown is that you feel gorgeous! Feeling gorgeous in your gown radiates in your smile, your emotions, and your expressions. This translates into a stunning bride and beautiful photographs.

How do you know if you've found the one? Well, if you have the dress on and you can't stop smiling....that's usually the one.

Any brides who recently found their dress please share your tips on finding the perfect gown by commenting on this post. Thanks! 

If you are interested in having Jessica Elizabeth Photographers document your wedding or special event, please email us at or give us a call at 562-201-9494.

The Dresser Bridal

Attention So Cal Brides: If you haven't found "the gown" yet make sure to check out this weekend's event at The Dresser.
When: This Sunday, August 22nd from 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.
Where: The Dresser Bridal
112 W. Commonwealth Ave
Fullerton, CA 92832
(714) 870-7101
What:  Wedding Gown Blow Out Sale
This is a CASH ONLY event.
{No children under age 12 are allowed in the store during the sale.}
What is a Sample Sale?
A sample sale is when a Bridal Boutique sells gowns that are basically new but may have served as dresses to be tried on at that Boutique. Often the gowns are from a past season, but not necessarily. The gowns are usually in pretty good or new condition.  Gowns must be purchased off the rack, not special ordered.
If you want a designer gown but don't want to pay the designer price tag, a sample sale is your best bet!
Although I don't know which designers are being offered at this weekend's sale, here is a list of some of the designers that have been offered at previous Dresser sales:
Maggie Sottero and Winnie Couture are just a couple of my personal favorites. Our brides seem to love Winnie Couture.

Marisa in her Winnie Couture gown from the Dresser
Ashleigh in her Winnie Couture
What should I expect?
If the sale is run as it has been in years past, a line will form outside the store several hours before the event starts, so if you want first pick you should get there early.  Admission to the store is first come first serve, and only a select number of ladies are allowed in the store at a time. You get a certain time frame (like 15 minutes) to find your dress. If you don't find it the first time, you can get back in line and have a second go at it.
Sizes:  6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 (some plus sizes available)
Prices:  $100-500 {generally a 50% or higher discount}
Alterations: When deciding whether to purchase the dress or not, take a few minutes to think about what alterations may be needed, if any, and how much those alterations may cost. Factor the cost of the alterations into the cost of the gown before you make your purchase. Like any other wedding gown, these gowns are not able to be returned.
The Benefits:
1)      Get a designer gown at a price you can afford.
2)      You won't have the same dress as every other girl this season.
3)      You get to experience a "mini" Running of the Brides experience without going to Boston.
Happy Shopping!
Maybe we will see you there and get a new gown for our Style Sessions.

Los Angeles Wedding Vendors | Big Man Bakes

As some of you may know, I am a cupcake FANATIC.  I may even qualify as a cupcake expert. (Well, in the eating that is- certainly not in the baking)


Several weeks ago, Kerry and I had the pleasure of visiting Vibiana.  Both of us had such busy mornings that we didn't get a chance to eat lunch.  Although we probably had enough time to grab a sandwich once we arrived to Los Angeles, we decided to look for cupcakes (much more fun than a boring sandwich).


I searched on my iPhone for cupcakes, and a place called Big Man Bakes came up.  That's a funny name for a cupcake place I thought, but that actually made me even more curious to check it out! 


Once we walked up to the shop, I saw a man sitting outside on the patio reading a newspaper.  He resembled a professional football player, yet he had the sweetest smile.  For some reason I felt compelled to introduce myself.  As it turns out, this man is Chip Brown- owner of Big Man Bakes.  And honestly, after meeting Chip and seeing his shop- the name could not be more perfect. Although Chip is a big guy, I like to think that the name refers more to his big heart.  I only had the pleasure of speaking to him for a few minutes, but I liked him already.  I could tell he is a truly genuine guy who is passionate about what he does.  He gets up at 3:00 a.m. each morning to bake the cupcakes.  Now that's dedication! For those reasons (and the facts that his cupcakes look and taste amazing), I am happy to introduce Big Man Bakes to our brides.


Read on to find out more about Big Man Bakes and the cupcakes they offer:


Big Man Bakes offers five different signature cupcakes. The "big flavors" are carrot cake, red velvet cake, double chocolate cake, the "old school" cake, and coconut cake.  All of which make my mouth water just thinking about them! The red velvet cake recently took first "Best Traditional" category of the 2010 LA Cupcake Challenge.   I normally don't like red velvet (weird I know)- but this red velvet is fantastic.  Zesty Lemon is also available and addictingly de-lic-ious!

The cupcakes come in "XL" and mini sizes. Love that!

If I had to choose a favorite, that would be tough.  So do yourself a favor, and bring a friend with you.  That way you can try one of each and share. Or just take a pack of minis home with you.

Next time you get a little sweet tooth, I recommend taking a trip to Big Man Bakes. First bite and you'll be hooked! They're cakes are the way we love them...moist!

Oh, and if you do select Big Man Bakes for your wedding or special event, please make sure to save us a cupcake.  I mean it's only fair- we did introduce you!

"Like"  Big Man Bakes  here:

Big Man Bakes is located at: 413 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Big Man Bakes Phone: (213) 500-4351




Contact Jessica Elizabeth: 

Vibiana | Los Angeles | Wedding Photography

This Tuesday, Kerry of de Luxe Weddings & Events and I had the privilege to attend a venue tour of a property in Los Angeles, CA. And let me tell you- I fell in love!

I absolutely love old buildings, ones with lots of character and history: this former Archdiocese Cathedral was built in 1876, complete with Baroque inspired interiors. Check!

This venue was designed using a neutral color palette, so that all the colors and elements chosen in your design and decor will truly pop. A style and desinger's ultimate playground. Check!

Vibiana's choir loft is a photographer's dream because it allows us to capture those bird's eye view, scene setting photographs without having to climb up a tree or into another hotel guest's balcony. (Although Rob will do those things for the shot though- If that's what it takes.) Check!

Vibiana's carefully placed lighting fixtures throughout the Main Hall and the garden area makes adding up lighting or colored lighting a breeze for your DJ or event design team. Check!

As an added bonus, Vibiana provides a bridal lounge and a groom's lounge for the bride and groom to get ready along with their bridal party. Yes, the groom's lounge has a flat screen TV. The on premises day of accomodations are a huge plus because everyone can spend the day together and get ready all in one place instead of rushing around town. This is also a treat for us because we can easily move from room to room capturing photos of all the getting ready activities.

If you decide to do a First Look, we have a few romantic spots in mind already :) There are also several modern and also historic buildings located within walking distance if you would like to do a mini bridal shoot before the ceremony.

This is truly a hidden gem in downtown Los Angeles. I purposely chose to include just a few photos because although Vibiana photographs beautifully, an in person visit will truly allow you to experience all of its granduer.


If you are still searching for an amazing venue, take an afternoon and go check it out. And as they say at Vibiana: "Experience the Divine."

I owe a big thank you to Anika for giving Kerry and I a first class tour of Vibiana!

Vibiana is located at: 411 South Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90012  Phone: (213) 626-1507



Check out the layers of century old marble that adorn the Grand Stage at Vibiana.

These Baroque columns stand 45 feet tall and contain some of the original painting and artwork dating back to the 1800s.

Standing at the center of the Main Hall of the former Cathedral is quite awe inspiring!


This is one of the rooms available as part of the Bridal Lounge. Sweet!
Once you are finished getting ready in your Bridal Lounge, we'd love to take some gorgeous Bridal Portraits here.  Love the light streaming in through the windows!

Check out this beautiful garden area that can be used for your cocktail hour or an outdoor reception.  At night it will be lit by the lovely LA Skyline.

Shade Hotel | Manhattan Beach | Wedding Photography | First Look

What is the "First Look"? 

To put it simply, the First Look is the first time on the wedding day that the groom sees the bride in her wedding gown, with hair and make-up complete.

But isn't it bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony?

In present day, this superstition is largely a myth.  The tradition began when arranged marriages were the popular custom.  Often, a bride's family was trying to marry their daughter into a wealthy/wealthier family to secure a dowry.  The bride's parents did not want the groom to back out on what was largely a business transaction if the groom saw the bride and found her unattractive.  Thus, the bride was not allowed to see the groom until the veil was lifted at the conclusion of the wedding ceremony.

While many couples find the tradition of not seeing each other until the ceremony romantic, a look at the history of the ritual reveals that it is in fact quite the opposite of romantic.

What are the benefits of a first look?

One of the most important benefits of a First Look is that it allows for a more intimate and romantic experience.  At Jessica Elizabeth Photography, we often tour the wedding venue with the couple prior to the wedding to find the best locations that will allow for privacy during the First Look, so that the couple can enjoy the few moments together without distractions.  This allows the couple to take a time out and just focus on each other with out all the other guests and details interfering.    This helps the couple relax and creates much more genuine expressions which makes for better photos that truly capture who the couple is.

Since there is usually more time available for portraits prior to the ceremony, we often get to spend closer to 25 minutes instead of only 10-15 minutes taking portraits of the bride and groom during a First Look.  This extra time often allows us to take photographs in a variety of settings and backdrops, as well as take not only traditional photos but also the more creative and artistic photos that our clients enjoy.

Based on the other elements of your wedding day timeline, the First Look often allows for time to take the family and bridal party portraits before the ceremony.  This allows you more time to spend with your guests after the ceremony.  This also allows your family and bridal party to spend more time enjoying the cocktail hour and reception.

Won't the first look make the ceremony "less special"?

During the ceremony, you are getting MARRIED.  There is nothing that could possibly make the significance of that particular moment less special.  You may have seen each other earlier in the day if you chose to go with the option of a First Look, but this time you, the bride, are walking toward your groom for the last time as a single person.  You look at each other in an entirely different light at that moment and know that shortly you will be husband and wife. 

When is it essential to do a First Look?

Well, if you are not doing a first look, then by default that means that all of your formal portraits as well as all the group portraits with the family and the bridal party must be taken AFTER the ceremony.  We like to allow 30 minutes for the portraits of the bride and groom and at least 15 minutes each for the family portraits and the bridal party portraits.  So, if the sunset occurs within one hour of the time your ceremony ends, it is essential to have a First Look. 

Here in Southern California, we are blessed with plenty of sunshine, but the sunset time is of particular concern for weddings in the Fall and Winter (September-March).

Do you require us to do the First Look?

We don't require it.  Like all other aspects of Jessica Elizabeth Photography, the experience is designed uniquely for each of our couples.  The First Look is largely a personal preference.  But honestly, you'd be kinda silly not to do it :)

Did you and Robert do the First Look at your wedding?

Of Course!!!  And I can tell you right now that it didn't make the walk down the aisle any "less special."  If anything, those 15 minutes during the First Look are some of my most favorite moments of my wedding day.  We were able to escape from all the hustle and bustle that is a wedding day and spend just a few minutes together reflecting on the significance of the day and each other.  

If you didn't get the hint by now, we highly recommend it!

Here is a peek at Ashleigh and Luke's first look.  We had the entire rooftop pool deck at the Shade Hotel to ourselves for their First Look.  

Shade_Hotel_JEssica_Elizabeth_Wedding_Photography-7.jpgShade_Hotel_JEssica_Elizabeth_Wedding_Photography-1.jpg Shade_Hotel_JEssica_Elizabeth_Wedding_Photography-5.jpgShade_Hotel_JEssica_Elizabeth_Wedding_Photography-2.jpg Shade_Hotel_JEssica_Elizabeth_Wedding_Photography-3.jpg Shade_Hotel_JEssica_Elizabeth_Wedding_Photography-10.jpgAfter a brief session on the rooftop, we had some time to take photos by the Shade Hotel's fountain, one of Ashleigh and Luke's favorite areas of the hotel.


We also had the opportunity, to spend some time at their ceremony site before all the guests romantic!


And we even had a few minutes left to take some fun photos with the bridesmaids :)


Special thanks to their wedding coordinator Kerry Pulverman of de Luxe Weddings & Events who was instrumental in developing a photographic timeline with us and overseeing it on wedding day, so that we could fit in all these photos.

Shade Hotel:

1221 N Valley Drive

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


Contact Jessica Elizabeth:

Arroyo Trabuco | Wedding Photography

Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club is a lovely venue, that honestly, until a couple of weeks ago Robert and I did not even know existed.  We didn't want you to miss out on this place, so we thought we would share it with you here on our blog.

If you are still looking for that perfect Southern California wedding venue, this is one place you should seriously consider checking out. 

Kerry Pulverman of de Luxe Weddings and Events invited us to the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club Bridal Show, and we fell in love with this venue.  Here are just a few of the photos we captured during our visit. Hopefully, you'll get some floral inspiration here too!


The Wedding Garden:

Arroyo_Trabuco_Wedding_Photography_Wedding_Garden.jpgThe 2,500 square foot Wedding Garden at Arroyo Trabuco is simply breathtaking!  I love the large tree that hangs over the ceremony site.  So romantic :)



Arroyo_Trabuco_Wedding_Ceremony_Floral_Decor_Jessica_Elizabeth_Photography.jpg Arroyo_Trabuco_Ceremony_Site_Decor_Jessica_Elizabeth_Photography.jpg Arroyo_Trabuco_Ballroom_Exterior_Jessica_Elizabeth_Photography.jpg

The Arroyo Trabuco Ballroom is 5,600 square feet and can comfortably seat up to 240 guests.  The Ballroom also has a cozy patio looking out to the canyon hillside and lake area- perfect for a cocktail reception.
This lovely White, Pink, and Green Centerpiece was created by Holly-Hill floral design.
I thought this display with the bird and the books was just adorable.  This display was created by Green Leaf Designs.  So was the Yellow and White Centerpiece below.
These elegant Purple and Green florals were also designed by Green Leaf Designs.
In case you hadn't noticed, Purple and Green is quite the trendy combo this year.  This fun and vibrant design was created by Elegant by Design.
Now that's one HOT Candle!
These beachy florals were also created by Elegant by Design.

Arroyo Trabuco Country Club is located at:
26772 Avery Parkway
Mission Viejo, CA 92692

A big thanks to Alyson Gabaldon, the Catering, Sales, & Event Manager for showing us around!

Ponte Winery | Temecula Wedding Photography

Fall Wedding Inspiration: A Rustic Romance in the Vines

For those of you who may not know, Robert and I were married at the lovely Ponte Winery in November 2008. 

We always enjoy visiting Ponte Winery.  Whenever we need a break from all the chaos that is life in the OC and LA, Ponte is a great place to head, to get back to nature and just relax.

Recently, Kerry Pulverman of de Luxe Weddings & Events invited us to participate in a photo shoot with her.  Below are the photos from the tablescape Robert and I  like to call: A Rustic Romance in the Vines.

I figure many of our Fall brides are currently working on their themes and floral design, so I thought this might give you some inspiration to draw from.  Of course, when your wedding rolls around you will have the gorgeous Autumn leaves of red, orange, yellow, and green.  Rob and I just adored the look of the vineyard for our November wedding.  There is really nothing like it.

We would like to give a special thanks to Kelly Manson of  The Olive Rose for her beautiful Fall inspired floral design and kind collaboration.  

To learn more about the design behind the shoot, check out Kerry's Blog.

I can just imagine a romantic guy proposing to a super lucky girl, while we hide behind the Fall leaves hanging from the vines and sneak in a few photographs of the Engagement.

How much more romantic can it get being all alone out among the vines and the beautiful surrounding landscape?
To create a Fall feel, Kerry chose chocolate brown and silver linens.  Kelly chose to complement that with florals of orange and red tones, with hints of yellow and green.

Ponte Winery Wedding Photography 12.jpgPonte Winery Wedding Photography 13.jpg
Fresh flowers such as Cymbidium Orchids make a nice adornment to your napkins and charger plates.
Ponte Winery Wedding Photography 11.jpg

Ponte Winery Wedding Photography 7.jpg

Ponte_Winery_Jessica_Elizabeth_Photography_CLose_Up _Vineyard_Table.jpg
Below are a couple of Robert's Artistic edits.  We love to create custom edits to transform those photos into more dramatic pieces.
Check out the drama on the sky and the table here:
Ponte Winery Wedding Photography 9.jpg
I love Rob's interpretation of this photo.  The Rustic tones of this photo truly complement the theme of this tablescape.
Ponte Winery Wedding Photography 8.jpg
Happy Planning!  Design away :)
Contact Jessica Elizabeth:

Ponte Winery | Wedding Photography Temecula CA

We are so excited to share these photos with all of you :)  As many of you may know, Robert and I were married at the Ponte Estate Winery just a little over a year ago, so it holds a special place in our hearts.

Kerry Pulverman of de Luxe Weddings & Events invited us to do a photo shoot for her company and the floral designs of The Olive Rose.  We had a blast.  
We did a total of four tablescapes, but I thought it would be more fun to break the posts up.  So, here is a tablescape that I like to call "Vintage Chic."
I enjoy the contrasts in color, a soft blue with a rich chocolate- so delicious :)  
Fusion graciously provided all the linens for our shoot. I LOVE this particular linen.  It caught my eye right away the first time I stepped foot in Fusion.   The color is subtle yet stunning. The crystals add a very nice touch that speak fancy without overdoing it. 
Kelly Manson from The Olive Rose was so great to work with.  She is sweet, creative, and flexible- a great combination.
I never thought I would like Peacock Feathers in an arrangement, but now I am seriously a fan.
I love detail shots (if you haven't already noticed)!  Details are an amazing way to bring extension of your persona into your wedding.  Check out this great vintage hurricane:
I am completely in love with this place setting. I just had to purchase this bowl, plate, and charger as soon as I saw them at the very dangerous TJ Maxx Homegoods!  Kerry Pulverman gets me in trouble almost every time she takes me there :)
Kerry found this beautiful brooch.  And Kelly dressed it up with her lovely Amnesia rose petals.
The peacock blue is definitely a hot color this year.  Totally eye catching for sure!

I really enjoyed how Kelly was able to design arrangements that were vintage and soft, yet modern at the same time- just my style!
Now.... it's Thursday... so you know what that means....
Here is a tip for all of you who have not yet chosen your wedding venue.
Do you want to be one of the first to be married in a fabulous Vineyard Pavilion in Wine Country that is not even built yet?  Well here is your chance.
The new event space is set to open at Ponte Winery this May, and we can't wait to be there to photograph the weddings it will host.
Ponte Winery has kindly shared with us a rendering of their gorgeous Vineyard Pavilion. Here is your sneak peak:
Ponte Pavillion.jpg
Awesome! Right?

Here is the direct link to Weddings at Ponte Winery, if you would like to learn more.
Ponte Winery is located at:
35053 Rancho California Road
Temecula, CA 92591
(951) 694-9444

Anaheim White House Wedding Reception | Photography

This week's blog for Wedding Tip Thursday's: Win the Wedding Reception Dinner of Your Dreams by Celebrating Valentine's Day in Style.

The Great Valentine's Day Giveaway

Calling all grooms....A local venue giveaway you can't afford to miss!

I know there are at least a few of you out there who have not booked your Valentine's dinner yet.  (That's okay, we won't tell.)  And for those of you who have already booked, you might want to add a second "surprise" dinner to your plans :)

Here's your chance to impress your future wife and look like a hero!  

The Anaheim White House Restaurant has recently unveiled their brand new West Wing.  To celebrate they are giving one lucky couple the wedding reception dinner of their dreams, especially if you love Italian food.

How do you win?

To enter the contest, simply make a reservation at the Anaheim White House to have dinner February 12-16, 2010.  Call (714)772-1381.  Please let them know that you would like to enter the contest when you call to make your Valentine's dinner reservation.

A winner will be selected at random and announced on February 19th by owner Bruno Serato.

What do you win?

A Wedding Reception at the Anaheim White House for up to 100 guests valued at $20,000!

Which includes:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Tables
  • Gold Chivari Chairs (check out the custom fabric in the photo below)
  • Silver charger plates with Ivory Napkins (see photo below)
  • Chandelier Centerpieces (of course, photo below)
  • Golden Linens
  • Use of the new West Wing

With all the fabulousness that is included in this generous giveway by the Anaheim White House, you should have plenty of room in for music, flowers, coordination, and photography to book your favorite vendors! We have our favorite vendors too, of whom we have collaborated with. We can wholeheartedly stamp our JEP seal of approval for their dedication and passion to take care of you! So feel free to contact us if you want to ask for advice.

Treat your significant other to a Valentine's Dinner in the Abraham Lincoln Room:
Look up to see the Fabric Swagging in the Lincoln Room:
A charming Eiffel Tower vase accents the table pretty nicely. These centerpieces are found on many of the tables in this cozy venue. 
Hold your Rehearsal Dinner in one the many private banquet rooms in the Main House:
At last....The West Wing:
Check out the intricate details on this Candelabra:
I never knew napkins could be handsome, but this one definitely is. Bow tie and all:
The attention to detail in the room's design and features is lovely.  Look at the fabric on this Chivari chair.  Yes, it is included in your wedding reception!  And no need to spend extra money for chair covers or sashes.
The gold linens, silver chargers and ivory napkins are also included.  What a deal!

Rob was so inspired by the wall art he wanted to add a little touch of 'old world renaissance' to the  photo. Check out the before and after transformation!

Seven 4 One Hotel | Wedding Photography| Laguna Beach



What you ask, is planning tip Thursdays?  Well, considering that we are Photographers, not coordinators, ours tips are going to focus on all things PHOTOGENIC!  
Each week we will feature something that we think will add beauty or art to your wedding.  We may feature a venue, a vendor, or a piece of your wedding wardrobe :)
So, why Thursdays?  Well, we figured most of our clients are hard working individuals with Monday- Friday 9a-5p jobs.  By Thursday at lunch or night, you are probably surfing the net in need of some hard earned relaxation to gear up for Friday.  And- by posting on Thursday- you still have time to schedule appointments for the weekend with any of our featured vendors- giving you something extra special to look forward to on the weekend.
Stay tuned, this is gonna be fun!
Now on to this Thursday's featured Venue....
I recently visited the Seven 4 One Hotel in Laguna Beach with wedding coordinator, Kerry Pulverman from de Luxe Weddings & Events.  Any of our 2010 and 2011 brides interested in getting married in Laguna Beach, but can't break the bank on other hotels like the Surf and Sand  or the Montage, or if you just want a little something different, you should check out Seven 4 One
Seven 4 One is a unique boutique hotel with an amazingly modern vibe.  Some of the perks of this hotel, from a photography perspective are: 
1) You can rent out the entire 28 room hotel- so we won't have to worry about lookey loos or tourists getting in all the shots!
2) The guest rooms are super fun to shoot in! Perfect for shooting all the getting ready shots. The modern design and really cool couches and pillow make a nice backdrop.
3) You can project a slideshow onto the wall of the open air courtyard.  Perfect for playing your customized JEP slideshow at your rehearsal dinner or reception.  And there's plenty of comfy seats for viewing.
And another random, but interesting feature of the hotel: There is a bed on the outside deck.  You can literally lay outside and listen to the waves crash or star gaze with your new spouse.
I'm posting a few teaser photos from our brief visit below.  You should really check it out in person to capture the intimate experience this hotel has to offer.
Here is a shot of the contemporary couch in the Sky Suite- perfect for some fun getting ready shots:
And here is the fabulous couch in the Sea Suite:
The Sky Suite and Sea Suite both come complete with a wet bar, wine refrigerator, and queen sized sofa bed.   These suites are perfect for the bridal party to spend the night and wake up refreshed and ready for the big day.  There is plenty of room for the girls and guys to get ready in their respective suite.  And of course, room for PHOTOS!
Once everyone is ready you can head on down to the Courtyard for the Rehearsal Dinner, Ceremony, or Reception:
I really enjoyed the unique details and modern decor throughout the hotel.
Check out these super fun lamps:

The bed on the deck...Unique for sure:
Seven 4 One is located at:
741 South Coast Hwy.
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 494-6200
So brides and grooms, what do you think?