Happy Birthday "Issa-Mom"!

I dedicate this blog post to our cat, Midnight because he has enlightened my life as my first pet and as Jessica's first "son". 

So whats with "Issa-Mom"?

"Issa-Mom" is Jessica's nick name for Midnight. She always greets Midnight by saying, "Hiiii! Issa-mamma Midnight pikapeee!" No, this is not some Jar-Jar Binks reference, but some type of italian-pokemonish-baby talk.... for our cat. 

Is it cute? I think so. Deranged? I think that too. Despite the fact that Midnight is male, Jess also insists on referring him as "mama". 

Midnight will be turning 4 years old in a few days. He's a giant, cuddly, ball of fur that loves being massaged, ripping our couches to shreds, hunting insects, and knows how to talk to us. "reeeeeeeooooowww" means "clean up my potty you lazy scum bags" and "Re-reeow" is I'm hungry. Midnight is very laid back these days and likes to observe us from afar, like an owl. But as much as he likes being alone, he can be very clingy too. 

Hold your thoughts and judgements, we're not crazy cat people. Just avid pet lovers. I've yet to cross that fine line between pet lover and crazy-cat person (or so I think), but Jessica is starting to show telltale signs... *sigh*. 

So since the lighting equipment I rented for an upcoming shoot arrived at the doorstep today I decided to test it out on Midnight so we could have something to keep in our digital scrapbooks. 

What a great model he was! For the most part, it was pretty easy. We put the softbox right next to Midnight's favorite spot, put on our 50 1.4 and away we went. 



Here, Midnight was a second or so from jumping right on top of our softbox. Thank goodness he didn't, I would've had to return a thousand dollars worth of equipment in a lot of broken pieces. 

My favorite shot
We love ya Mama-Midnight! 

Finally, here's a great photography tip. If you want to improve the way you catch instant moments... try taking pictures of black cats! BELIEVE US.... IT HAS HELPED A LOT.